Zero hassle.

Service is largely an intangible thing.

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how we’re different, but you know there’s something special when people move between companies and take us with them.

But if you’ve not used us before, we guess you’re looking for something a bit less vague.  So we’ve taken everything our customers tell us we’re good at, and broken it down into three core values:

Greater control.

Preventing excess spend on site consumables.

Site consumables and equipment as a proportion of contract spend is miniscule.  Rarely more than 0.5% in our experience.  Yet we know that it can easily spiral out of control.

We help by setting customers up with agreed lists, spend thresholds, approval processes and anything else needed to keep things in check.  When the system is in place, we police it carefully – so you don’t need to!

Reporting is another useful tool in identifying wastes and excesses before they get out of control.  We provide regular detailed reports, as well as offering bespoke reporting on demand.  For example, we can tell you what products were purchased by which person, for what site, in a certain time period.  We can also identify trends and set alerts that trigger on certain conditions.

Less admin.

Reducing the admin traditionally associated with control.

Our call-off system, honed over many years, dramatically reduces levels of admin.  Customers consistently tell us that we’ve slashed their hackwork.

We help to get ugly requisitions off buyers’ desks and the goods onto site.  Direct communication with sites allows us to identify the exact products required, eliminating delays caused by communication breakdowns between site and the office – all while retaining the element of control that is so important.

Our accounts team also work to reduce admin, by amending our processes to better suit yours – such as integrated invoicing, PODs and swift resolution of queries.

Zero hassle.

Our gold standard.

We don’t claim to always get it right.  But it’s comforting to know that ‘Zero Hassle’ is emblazoned on our walls and is core to our company culture.

Our customers always tell us that all they want is minimum hassle.  Buyers have got bigger ticket items to worry about, and Site Managers just want the right goods, on site, when promised.

The stats show that we do get it right first time, most of the time.  If we do mess up, we aim to make it right as quickly and efficiently as possible.  And we’re always looking at how we can avoid the same problem happening again.

We measure ourselves by the speed of our responses and the reliability of our deliveries.  We place emphasis on an easily accessible key accounts team, with knowledgeable people that can give sensible technical advice.

This is just a outline of what we can offer – contact us below and we’ll put you in touch with one of our experienced Account Managers, who’ll get a deep understanding of how your business works and show how we can help.