About Interfix

How we deliver value

There’s plenty of people who can sell you the same products as we can. But none can deliver value quite like we do.

We won’t try to sell you our massive range, vast stocks or reliable next-day service. That’s something you should expect as standard from any good supplier.

A laser-focus on building long-term partnerships with large construction companies like yours means we can deliver value far beyond a conventional buyer-seller relationship.

The zero hassle mentality covers everything we do.
Here are some of the values that go into it...

Competitive pricing

To a buyer, we realise 'the right price' is the most basic box to be ticked. We're competitive, but more than that, we focus on total category savings.

Zero hassle

Measured response times, reliable next-day delivery, no-hassle customer service from real people - everything you need to keep sites running smoothly.

Less admin

We take pride in slashing your hackwork. Sounds dramatic, but we think proven 30% reduction in admin is fairly impressive.

Greater control

We'll police your lists and limits, so you don't have to, while keeping you in the loop with regular and bespoke reporting.

We're a service company, we just happen to sell consumables

We believe it's how you serve, not what you sell. It's no secret that you can buy our products from plenty of other suppliers. Our customers have told us what keeps them coming back, and we've boiled it down to three core values:
Greater Control, Less Admin and Zero Hassle.

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