Coronavirus Update: 7th February 2020

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Everyone will be aware of the situation in China with the Coronavirus and the disruption it is causing.

The Chinese Government have ordered for the New Year Holiday to be extended for a further two weeks. This may be extended further depending on the situation. This will obviously affect factory production, which we are likely to see the effects of in a few months.

As a company we are not heavily reliant on China as a source of supply, with most products manufactured in other Asian countries, Europe and the UK. Our stockholding is also good so we hope the effects will be limited. For certain products that are only manufactured in China, we are monitoring the situation closely, as well as arranging other sources of supply where possible.

The more imminent shortages we expect are for dust masks, coveralls and hand sanitiser, due to massive spikes in demand. Some suppliers, for example 3M, we have orders in with, but cannot currently give us any delivery dates. Other suppliers have advised us they are ramping up to 24-hour production to meet demand. We hope the situation will come under control before supplies run out but would like to warn you of this risk. We have made the decision as a company to hold all current stocks of these products for existing customers only.

If you have any specific concerns relating to your account, please contact your Account Manager.