Coronavirus Update: 17th March 2020

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In the light of the situation surrounding COVID-19 being upgraded to a pandemic and with rapidly changing government and health authority guidelines being issued, we are implementing further measures as below to combat the disease and ensure we can continue to operate and meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

  • Cancellation of all previously booked F2F meetings (customers and suppliers) unless expressly authorised by a director
  • Meetings held via the internet wherever possible
  • Trialling of a work from home policy.  This will inevitably cause a drop off in speed of answering the phone, enquiry response times and certain other aspects of our service initially.  Please bear with us whilst we perfect this, it is crucial we are able to run the administrative side of the business remotely in order to stay operational in the event of one of our staff testing positive.
  • High demand of certain product lines.
    • The demand for hand sanitiser, soaps, cleaning products, gloves, face masks, coveralls and paper products has been huge and we are out of stock of some product lines.  Please be assured we are working incessantly to bring these product lines back into stock – in many instances we are bringing substitutes to ensure we have a product to meet your requirements.
    • On certain items our suppliers are putting volume restrictions on their supply to us, and we are having to impose similar restrictions.  Please understand this is in the best interest of all our customers to keep you all running.
    • Generally we are prioritising supply to our existing clients who regularly spend with us in recognition of their loyalty.

If you wish to make urgent contact with us please call your account manager – this will ensure a guaranteed quick response.  If you are uncertain of their contact details please drop us a line and your account manager will be in touch.

All the predictions from industry journals are forecasting a downturn in business in the construction industry if the country goes into lockdown which seems likely.  We are pleased to reassure you that we are financially sound, and will weather a downturn with no difficulty.

Sam Mallinson, Managing Director